Completely unrelated picture.  

I know that this kicked race season into high gear for a bunch of you.  Heck I even tossed a number on the bike already this season.  How about before we talk about riding bikes fast or for a long time we remember that riding a bike is not all about racing. 

The riders and commuters in NYC have been catching grief for awhile now and the relatively new separated bike lanes have come under fire.  Check out who really uses these . 

In other bicycle related reality check news I am going to race the Single Speed European Championships this weekend.  Race could be a loose definition of what I will be doing.  This trip to Belgium with J-Fon will be an excuse to goof off and enjoy some really good Belgian beer.

I will be rocking the fully rigid 4130 Cr-Mo General Lee on this adventure.  I had visions of writing a fancy Bicycling magazine style review of this wonder bike of mine, but…… Time definitely did not allow.  It takes an inordinate amount of time to pack light for a trip.

Seeing as this is a total Bro-cation I am not packing fancy anything, and articles of clothing will be worn multiple times and if need be a visit to the famous tourist destination “Belgian Laundromat” will be in order.

So with all of this exciting news (at least to me), I am going on Hiatus for a week.  There will be no Wednesday quote this week for the first time since I started this bloggie thing.

I will try to regale you with stories upon my return.

Carry on, ride your bikes, and live the dream.  Just don’t let that dream be a nightmare.