Yeah it was that windy

It is that time of the year for a bicycle peddler.  The sun gives a peek, the weather gives a tease and BAM it’s busy.  Busy good.  Spring fever has struck and people want to get out and ride.  This means that thankfully they want to buy bikes as well. 

This brief description/excuse is why I am tossing a Readers Digest abridged post up.

First up I rode this weekend and it was good.  Good for my soul, my head and my legs.  Saturday it was so windy that I had trouble staying on the road.  Some called me an idiot for heading out, but with 45 degrees and sunny I just couldn’t face the trainer.  Stuff was blowing around everywhere and every flag was standing straight out.  See the above pic of the blown over shopping cart corral; the flag over top of it is waving proudly.

Sunday was what bicycle riding should be: riding with good friends.  Stopping, goofing off, talking, eating breakfast, having a morning cocktail.  It is good to drop the “I gotta ride nowhere fast” mentality and ride the bike with a destination.  Have a bunch of laughs and catch up with people.  I liked it.

Sunday eneded seeing Taj Mahal live with Los Lobos.  Taj was one of the people on my list to see live.  He did not disappoint.  He played three different guitars, keyboards and the blues on a banjo.  I never heard sounds like that come out of a banjo.  And that voice.  He just slayed it.

Wish I could say the same about Los Lobos. They were just off.  The mix was wrong, feedback galore, and the one singers voice was floating in and out on him.  I understand having a bad day and they were having one.  They tightened up towards the end and the best part of their show was when Taj came on to do an encore with them.  Kind of a drag because I have heard good things about them live.  Maybe there will be a next time.

Now two cycling related things.

Did you see the STORY of the large crash at the Manchester World Cup?  Four guys went down in a pretty spectacular way.  Azizulhasni Awang of Malaysia managed a third to beat Chris Hoy in the series.  He wasn’t feeling so good.

Pic Via Jon Super of the AP

Upon closer inspection they were able to tell why he didn’t feel so well.  He had a HUNK OF WOOD SPEARED THROUGH HIS CALF! 

Pic Via Jon Super of the AP

That thing is way to big to be called a splinter.  Hard to believe he got back on the bike and finished.  That’s one tough dude.

I am going to end with this.  Tara Llanes is a great girl and a heck of a role model.  I had the pleasure of riding with her in the past and was blown away by her humbleness and the carefree way she seemed to have.  That may have taken a small hiatus after her accident but judging by this piece it seems to have returned. 

C Ya Wednesday for a quote.