This ones been living on my Hard Drive for awhile. I was waiting for the right topic to use it. It reminded me of the Championship Roller Racing event that was chronicled HERE. My friend T.H. the Constant Traveler posted this up on my Facebazook wall, and as Emeril would say BAM! I had a reason to post. Now it’s not gratuitous. Is it?

Holy Cow! Monday already? It seems like just yesterday it was Sunday. The weekend flew by quickly.

Watched a bit of softball and saw this.

Now if all parties involved could follow these simple rules.

Rode my bike and only got rained on a bit.

Got a new washer. Made T-Rav help carry it.

And ended the weekend looking at this.

And having a bit of this.


Was gonna post a pic of myself from the weekend but got a look at my forehead and thought I looked a bit like Charlie Brown. I was a bit like Charlie Brown a bunch this weekend.

There was bike riding and racing happening all over the place this last weekend.

At the Bike Jam in Baltimore this weekend there was a blind trials rider performing. Yes you read that correct. Check it out HERE. Did I mention he’s blind, a trials rider and therefore a BONAFIED BAD ASS!

While Floyd was busy slandering everyone under the sun, and a certain Texan was releasing all of the email correspondence between them. Another Fallen cyclist–Mr. Basso was talking with his legs. He slayed all on the Zoncolan.

Mixed feelings on Basso. He did admit his drug use and take his sentence, but only after threatened with Jail time, and then said the bags of blood that he was having stored for him were only the “intention of Doping” Click the link above and read what Andrew Hood has to say over at VeloNews. I think its a good bet he is clean now, so it was cool to watch him ride away from all on such a Hard-Man’s stage.

I must start the day and go peddle bicycles, so until Wednesday Quote, live your life with passion.