Look close,  that’s a Peacock.  Yes, a freaking Peacock, walking down the road in Bucks County, PA.

Obviously I haven’t been “Blogging” a bunch lately.  I have been posting semi-regularly on the Book of Faces and over on the Twitter.  The odd thing is that I often still think in blog updates.  In fact, I have pictures in this fancy thinking box ready to go for updates and stories rattling around in my melon that just haven’t poured out of my fingertips onto the keyboard.

I was thinking about why that is this morning.  If you live in Doylestown you may have seen the smoke cloud.  The biggest reason I can come up with is priorities.  As much as I enjoy this, I have stated from the beginning that it is a pretty narcissistic venture.  Writing about me, my adventures and hoping it inspires, motivates, makes someone chuckle, or captivates someone somehow.  All that said, I enjoy it.

I know this is narcissistic because I used “I” five times in the last paragraph and “me” and “my” once each.  Whatever.


The priorities have changed a bit. I still get to promote cycling and share the lifestyle.  Now I get to do it for Electra bicycles.  This is cool because it truly lets me bring bicycles to more people.  These are bicycles that are beautiful, functional, and fun.  In short, what most people want from bicycles.  The difference is these are aimed at the non-lycra crowd.

The LRHG’s bike and My Bike.  Preparing for a stroll around town.

You know those folks, they are the ones who ask you for advice on which bike to ride because you are the “biker” they know.  An Electra very likely could be the perfect bicycle for that person who wants to ride around a little but doesn’t want to race or wear funny clothing.  If that person asks for a recommendation suggest they look at an Electra.

The other cool aspect of working with such a fun brand of bicycles is I get to indulge another passion of mine.  Helping retailers enhance their merchandising and display’s.  Last week, I was able to install these fixtures at Beacon Cycling and Bicycle Pro.

Beacon Cycling

Bicycle Pro

Stop in and check out these stores.  Good shops staffed by fine hardworking bike people.


Here is another way that my priorities are shifting.  I have two teenage daughters and it is becoming clear that my childhood days with them are gone, and that their teenage years are rapidly vanishing. I had a serious conversation about college with my eldest the other day and shortly thereafter she got her drivers license.

Consider yourself warned.

The day after getting her license she asked to borrow my spruck.  I said yes but made her watch this first.  and then made her agree.  She said “Daddy Okaaay”

That is a seriously good commercial.

My youngest is 14 and I realize I don’t want to miss out on all the good stuff there either.  Sunday, I missed the Philly race for the first time in 12 plus years.  I didn’t have to be there for work and she had a makeup softball game and a pool party after.  I have been to many races and will get to many more.  This may be her last softball game, or it may not depending on if she wants to play again next year.

So on Sunday I watched this.

Instead of this.

I totally made the correct choice.


I am pretty happy with the group of friends that I have and my great girlfriend.  I am trying to be more present when I am enjoying her or their company.  Less time with my face in a phone or computer and more face time.  Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

It is great to go out on a spin and have ponytails for company.

And it is really great to have a girlfriend that would rather ride to Happy Hour then walk, and want to go spin around after.

I haven’t forgotten about you all.  I am just busy.  Busy having a life.  A pretty darn good life.