While I was riding this morning, this popped back into my memory.  
Two weekends ago I was riding my bike to the Jersey Shore.  I was in a long stretch of the Pine Barren’s and frankly feeling a little wiped out.  The wind was whooping up on me pretty good.  
I rolled up into this little conglomeration of a few houses that makes up a town in the Pines.  There in the middle of this cluster of homes was an oasis.  There was a lunch cart with six coolers full of assorted drinks and treats plus an additional cart for water ice and ice cream.
This oasis was apparently the place for bikers to stop.  Not stretchy pants and tap shoe wearing bikers like myself but Harley bikers.  The biker’s and the biker’s women were all hanging around picnic tables or standing in line for hotdogs.  
I have no problem with biker’s and know a few; all good people.  So I leaned my bike off to the side where it wouldn’t be near theirs.  I know that much at least.  If you park too close THIS can happen.
 I beelined for the coolers and loaded my arms up with two waters, a Pepsi, and a Gatorade then got in line.  A rather large imposing women got up off the stoop of the house and came over to take my money.  I gladly paid because it was hot and I was thirsty.  Then she asked me a curious question.
She asked  “Is that your bike?”  I answered “Yes” because it was.  The curious part was that I was the only guy in tight clothing and funny shoes; every other person was in their form of a biker out fit.  Leather, jeans, bandanas etc….  It seemed quite clear to me that the bike had to be mine. 
Then the it just got downright odd.  She asked me “Could you please get your bike off the Hot Dog?” (See above)
It was all I could do to not completely fall over laughing.  The thing that stopped me was that I was pretty sure that if I did laugh she would kick my butt.  She was certainly big enough.  I didn’t even get  a picture of the bike leaning on the Hot Dog.  I didn’t want her to have a reason to think I was mocking her.
Have a good weekend ride your bike and whatever you do don’t lean it on the Hot Dog.