The Auer of Power churning up the sand at Charm City

Today I am going to start off with wishing my eldest daughter a Sweet Sixteen Happy Birthday.  Happy Birthday Q!  My life got immeasurably better when you entered it.  Now If I can deal with the added stress of knowing you are driving age.

I am sure that you blog readers have seen lapses in post’s before.  Then the blog writer get’s all “Sorry it’s been awhile, I’ll post more….. Blah Blah Blah”  I am not going to do that.  I have been thinking about posting but I am busy/happy living a life, peddling bicycles, pedaling bicycles, and generally being pretty content.

Funny how being content the aggression flares up from time to time.  Lashing out at random people or making snide backhanded comments about other’s.  The LRHG and I decided over the weekend it isn’t road rage but “Stupid People Rage”.  People being stupid is irritating, and I believe we can all agree on that.

Random thoughts over.  Now a recap of the past few weeks in pictures.

Spent some time at Interbike and got to see some ridiculous stuff.

Got to sell some ridiculously light and comfy slippers.

And got to hang (Briefly) with some ridiculously Hip people that I only get to see once a year.

After that ridiculousness I got on a flight out of Sin City (Thank God) back to Philly.  I boarded the flight and promptly fell asleep on the shoulder of the woman sitting next to me.  Thankfully she thought it was cute and didn’t punch me in the snout.  The nap was short lived but needed since I had to drive to Baltimore upon landing.

I got to Baltimore and asleep about 3:00 AM.  Perfect since I had a 9:00 start time at Charm City CX race.  My first time representing C3 at their home race and my warm up was my heart rate racing as I got to the venue 15 minutes before.  Not ideal.  Fortunately the course was.

The C3 crew put on an awesome race.  Fun venue, good course, and of course good people.

From here on out pictures will do the lifting.

Day 1

That barrier was tall.  Lord knows how I cleared it.

Now if I can just keep up with that guy Jared in the Grey and Orange.
Maybe that’s how I cleared them, by using the Bubba scrub. 
Stole this from the google HERE
Fat Marc and Monkey had a ball with the Lil Belgian’s race

Day 2
Antony Skorochod showed up.  So I let his lens do the talking.  Visit the site, buy a pic or 6 and keep Anthony coming to the races.
The pain face came out early
Pic by Anthony Skorochod
Rode the sand pit the second day
Pic by Anthony Skorochod
It made the pain face come out again
Pic by Anthony Skorochod
This next picture is a reminder for me.  MORE GAS!  I lost eight places on the back section when the guy in front of me who was as big as a tree fell.  I tried bridging but couldn’t get them.
After the sand pit the course was fun and twisty, my kinda riding.  I yelled at myself (internally) to HTFU and picked off the three guys in front of me, happy I was still racing mid pack.  Right after the twisty section it turned to a gradual blacktop uphill.  There I promptly got out-sprinted by all three of those guys.  Arggh!  
Me getting punked
Pic by Anthony Skorochod
 I missed the following weekend at Whirlybird to take a run to North Carolina and see the Palermo’s get hitched.  In a bowling alley Bowling Boutique.
Got my grub on at Cracker Barrel with some Apple Bread French Toast, and no that is not all my food.

Took a moment to digest out front while the ghost of  chubby self  glared upon me disapproving from the window above
Now that is a wedding cake!
Congratulations you two.

In between there was lots of working and some riding.  Followed up this weekend with a great ride with the LRHG preparing for her trip to the left coast to ride the TDP.

We followed these…

Which eventually took us to here… 
Where I was able to dive head first into this…
After looking at the focus the last two weeks on food I hope I can fit into the Skinsuit for this weekend’s assault on Bethlehem PA.