I Know I’m a juvenile with a teenage sense of humor, but these signs make me giggle EVERY time.
I am uploading pictures and calling it a post today.  I gotta see a man about a bike or 50.
LRHG sent me this one with the caption “Is it safe to ride a bike while reading?”  And no helmet to boot.
Cuz Chris sent this one along it is a Bicycle shop Altlandsberg, Germany.  It was titled “You Know When You’re Biking and Hit That Wall?”
Not only does he speak Italian, Run a bike shop, and run a team that  swept the 35+ 45+ and 55+ in the New Jersey state road race, but he brings the Gun Show.  Is there any question why he is my Man Crush?
My Life Behind Bars.  I talked about these ducks I saw the other day on the Canal Towpath.  My front tire is pointing right at em. 
Lets end on ducks, or more precisely Geese.  I was rolling down the road and saw this dog standing in the creek not two feet away from these geese.  As the kids would say ” he is totally creeping up on em”
I tried to call him away but he was having none of that.  The geese didn’t seem to give a quack either.
After a couple of minutes the geese moved away.  Mr. dog followed. v e r y  s l o w l y  Again the geese didn’t care.  After a bit I left. I wonder how bad they kicked that dog’s butt when he ticked them off.

Until Wednesday Quote have fun ride your bike and practice random acts of RADness.