You’ll get the point behind this pic at the end.

This past weekend I did something I haven’t done in quite a long time. I raced my bicycle. Now in the past few years I have raced a few 12 hour solo events, even a 13 hour solo, but not any cross country distance. These to me aren’t as much racing as just a really long ride.

What better way to get back at it then doing 3 16/17 minute sprints at the International Intergalactic Global Open Mountain Bike Team Relay Championship of the Universe Including the Anti-Matter One. (the fast guys were doing 13/14 minute laps). It was fun. It got me thinking maybe the trusty trail bike, my Trance X1 might need to have a sibling. Perhaps an Anthem X, or an XTC Advanced Sl? HMMMMMM

The boys of Giant Mid Atlantic cycling had fast lap times but two flats cost them some serious time. Check the race report out here.

The Pic of the weekend has to be this one.

Richie Rich seems to be thinking “Now which one of these fits on my feet?”

Or perhaps it’s this one.

Is Martin Checking Richie out? Not that one could blame him, Richie Rich is a very sexy man. Just sayin.

From there I am going to bring this back around to something that struck me extremely funny. A few posts back I showed this video.

Watch the video and then look at the below pictures I got from this fine site. I dare you not to laugh at the connection. If you dont laugh, make an appointment at the doctor, cuz your funny bone aint right.