I’ve always liked black and white photos as header photos and have always liked Mrs. Cleaver

Let’s start off paying by paying a moment of respect to UberMom Barbara Billingsley.  Mrs. Cleaver died at the age of 94.  My perpetual 12 year old sense of humor won’t let me think of Leave it to Beaver without going straight to June saying “Ward you were pretty hard on the Beaver last night”  Maybe it’s my inner Eddie Haskell.

Sunday was a perfect day for a ride.  As I was headed to the Wiss I saw the Cdale truck just ahead of me.

It’s a smaller version of this but just as GREEN.

I knew that BK must be driving it.  I met up with him in the parking lot and we BS’d for a bit.  He helped me set the sag on my Speedfox via the handy sag indicator. 

My apologies for the hazy iPhone pic.  The indicator does work well though.

He was meeting some buddies who weren’t the usual PA Valley’s mountain bike pro’s.  I figured I could roll out with them, not get my butt handed to me and then meet BBB and Buggy on the trail; perfect.  Except I forgot my shoes.

Oh well. It was still early I could go back home and salvage the day with a road ride. So I pointed the Spruck homeward bound. On the way I stopped at Trader Joe’s for supplies. While there I saw these…  I always dig when the bicycle is used to sell other products.

From there it was a quick stop at Home Depot and then onto the velo.  The depot must have been calling my name because they had 2X4’s on sale for $1  I thought I needed 4 but I bought 6 (ended up needing 7 and improvised) because hey; they were a dollah.  On top of that they had two nice pieces of 3/4 plywood in the cull section.  There were the shelves I needed and all the material for $10.  Now my basement can look less like a bike shop exploded in it.

The shelves were made after I actually got out for a ride. 

 So onto home and I emptied out the spruck from my pseudo shopping spree.  The TJ’s was put away, lumber stashed for later, and Speedfox swapped for Teammachine.  I tossed on my racer wannabe BMC Team Kit and out the door I rolled. 

I got about 10 feet and realized there was a problem.  As many people will tell you “I have issues” but this wasn’t one of those moments; or was it?  My right foot wouldn’t click in.  I figured I broke another cleat. No problem I’m 10 feet from the house and I have a spare.  But then I look at my foot to diagnose the problem and realized I had done this.

Now I am fortunate enough to have two set’s of very nice Shimano Heat moldable shoes but I generally can tell the difference between one and the other.

One of these is not like the other

Luckily I still possess the brain power to rectify this solution.  So instead of switching this…

For this….

I simply changed shoes.  Problem solved.  I titled this Pedal Dilemma but it was actually a Shoe Dilemma.  Luckily due to perseverance and a butterknife sharp wit I was able to salvage the day.

Good thing I did too.  It was an excellent day to be on a bicycle.  I ran across the folks doing the Covered Bridges ride several times and even rode the course backwards looking for peeps I knew.  No luck on the peep findage but certainly a day well spent. 

Thanks to all who rode the Covered Bridges for coming and checking out my big backyard and local stomping ground.  We are blessed with great riding.  Wanna explore the area more?  Hit me up I’d like an excuse to play tour guide and let you beat up on me.

Alright enough rambling. Time to pay the electric bill.