I am amazed at people who can look like they are smiling when they are suffering.  Chris Horner comes to mind right away.

Pic by Sirotti via Cycling News

The two guys around him are suffering and he looks to be smiling.

Pic by Will Matthews via Bicycling

Here Chris has a Coke, chillin, while the guys on either side are suffering.

Pic by AFP via Cycling News

Even falling off the TT bike he appears to be laughing. I am willing to bet he is in agony.

I was reminded of the disparity in pain faces when I was looking at the pics the LRHG took at the Town Hall CX race in Bethlehem PA.

Selene Yeager The Fit Chick has the smile of suffering.  I know Selene loves to ride her bike, but I also have to guess that the smile is her pain face.  She races too damn fast to not have it hurt some.

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Heck even Mr. Fit Chick DQP knows how to hide his pain face well.  He kicks ass on the SSCX and is leading the charge to bring SSCXWC13 to Philly.

I’m sure Dave loves being called Mr. Fit Chick

Then I see the pictures of me.  My pain face looks like I am in pain.

ARRRGHH Like a pirate

A closer look is even worse.


Yes this section was muddy but seriously?

Even the mellower pictures I just look worried in.

Honestly I do enjoy cross racing.  My face just doesn’t look like it.

Maybe it is because I get to hang out with great people after and have a nice refreshing beverage.