This is our get up for the weekend

The Northeast Rapha Gentlemens Ride is this weekend.  I have been obsessing about it quite a bit.  The decision to not do Granogue was weighing heavy on me, the back is still out of whack and the ride is staring me down.

Receiving emails like this one didn’t seem to be helping.

“Course is very much up and down, no climb longer than 15 minutes, but total climbing is 13,000 ft over 120 miles – which is a lot. Plenty of .5-mile 7-9% kickers.
Most of the climbs are on dirt – not gravel, but packed dirt. 25mm is the minimal I’d use but should be enough, you just have to be careful on the descents. Some descents are totally smooth, others less so, and flatting is always a possibility. You’re off in the woods for most of the day, so the climbs start to blend into one another. 
There’s one gnarly climb at mile 85 that’s a serious wall followed by .75 miles of very very rough dirt road/jeep road. It’s awesome. 
There are something like 7 general stores along the way, so plenty of fueling options to take (and taking them is critical). I’d reckon it’s going to take the very fastest teams 9:30-10:00.
The ride is hard but interesting enough to keep it from being an absolute slog.’
Of course I have done longer rides than this.  Offroad even.  But I know there are fast guys going to be there and it is going to take them 10 hours?  Shit! 
The miles are stacking back on, and I have been seeing the sports med chiropractor pretty regularly.  Yesterday I even got the bike prepped.
The Hutchinson Intensive 25C Road Tubeless tires went on.  That crazy creak in the bottom bracket was diagnosed. (there was a swamp in there) and I even added a layer of gel on the top’s under the bar tape.  That one made me feel old.  I have a suspicion that I will be reveling in that decision come saturday though.
Then I log into the route map and see this.
Now I am back to thinking WTF?
Suddenly I have an epiphany.  If this kid can do this……
………Then I will perservere.  Plus I have a cast of characters to push through with.