This may not be specifically about cycling.  Or is it?  I came across these two sites on Facebook.  The first is talking about the random bizarre border between the United States and Canada.  It was posted on HERE.  I do believe Stevil from All Hail The Black Market brought it to my attention.
The second interesting piece I came across was THIS article on Giant concrete arrows (see above) that were laid into the ground to guide US Airmail Pilots.  Before there was fancy GPS and all other sorts of guidance systems these 70 foot concrete arrows combined with beacons helped guide pilots across the US.  Read about it HERE,  it’s worth the time. If memory serves I have the head marketing guy at Giant Bicycles, Andrew to thank for that find.
What could this possibly have to do with cycling?  These two articles just made me want to ride in some new places.  Riding along the canada US border?  Sure, I’m game.  And riding to find one of the giant arrows just made it way onto my “F*ck it” list.  
Don’t know what a “F*ck it” list is?  It’s like a bucket list but, it is more along the lines of “F*ck it, I have to do that”.
Now you know.