The frequency of postings here has run off the tracks a bit lately.  This actually a good thing because I am busier than a one armed paper hanger with an itchy ass.  HMMMM is that good?  Im gonna run with yes. 

The weather is turning, people are riding bicycles, I’m riding bicycles, and people are buying bicycles.  It’s a good thing. 

Last time I rambled about Tim Johnsons Ride on Washington.  We partied and and had fun in Philly.  The next night I happened to be in Baltimore and went to see the riders at Twenty 20 Cycling.  Kris and his boys put on a great party.  If you find yourself in Charm City stop in and visit the shop.  They do a good job and the shop looks nice too. 

The party looked a bit like this.  Excuse the photos my camera finally gave up the ghost and these are iPhone pic’s.

Richard wooing the crowd, preaching the gospel of two wheels.
Tim giving the “What did Richard say now?” symbol
The Crowd
Tim extolling the virtues of Bikes Belong while Richards hydrates.

Tomorrow…… Made it to Washington D.C.