Gonna be snowy this weekend and I had a vicious headcold for a week.  So the natural thing to do tomorrow is race cross.  I bet they were hoping for this when they scheduled the race.  This has been on the radar for awhile and should be a good opportunity to throwdown with the cool kids of Emmaus. 

If you are Facebook friends with a bunch of cyclists you may have seen this next clip.  If you haven’t then feast your eyes.  And while you are at it bookmark Michael Barry’s Blog.  I read Inside the Postal Bus his insider look at racing the pro tour and enjoyed it, so it should be no surprise that his blog is good.  I spent quite a bit of time reading past posts.  It was worth it.  Now watch.

As Mr Lepping pointed out to me, the speed limit posted at the top of that road is 30 KPH (18 MPH).  My guess is they are exceeding that by quite a bit.   Now I have added Girona as a place that I must go to and ride.  It figures that the riding is amazing there.  Why else would most of the US and Canadian pros live there?

C.W. posted this picture on the MLBB Facebook page.

He found it on the Chasing Wheels blog.  This is what he would envision the peloton looking like from above.  I agree with the blandness but it would have a bit more blue.  Added to the blue of Team Sky the new LEOPARD TREK (you should read the Neils account of this spelling) Garmin-Cervelo, Astana and now Movistar has come to my attention.  Nice shout out to the BMC Racing Team for being a standout in red.

Thank whoever or whatever you pray to that the kit isn’t baby blue.

Movistar is the new incarnation of Caisse D’Epargne.  So the red is out and the blue is in.  Of interest to me is that Francisco Ventoso  has been signed to the team.  Francisco is one of my favorite if not my favorite Pro.  I spent a fair amount of time with him when he was at Saunier Duval and even with the language barrier we got along well.  A good dude.  Look for him at the front of the Pro Tour Sprints.  Homeboy is quick, you have to be in order to win Paris Brussels among other big races. 

In exciting news cyclingnews.com has decided to follow my lead and Chasing Wheel’s. They have published an overview and critique of the 2011 pro team kits.  Granted their’s is more thorough and it’s almost like professional writers wrote the thing…but it should be.  Since they get paid for this.  A good bet that it was written at someones kitchen table though, just like this one.

I must be spending too much time not riding or staring at the shelves in my basement while on my rollers because the riding video’s are speaking to me.

This one is simply amazing. Dude can ride a bike, and somebodies mechanic is gonna get chewed out.

It made me think of this picture.

Think I’ve used this before but it’s appropriate here.

Time to prep the bike and pack the bag for tomorrow.  Have a good weekend and Ride your Bike!