This isn’t from the 1800’s but she does look like she is having fun.

Here are a few more of the classic images I’ve dug up from the late 1800’s.

This is cool. A shot from my “hood” 12th and Walnut. I guarantee you there is no manufacturing there these days. 1895

You have to apply for a catalog? 1896

This catalog is for “the asking” 1896

“A Marvel of Mechanical Skill” 1896

Great colors. 1896

I hope she doesn’t run over those geese. 1897

Now since we have gone over the past here is a nod to the present.

General Larry Platt has been a dedicated civil rights activist and served in the military; he most likely won’t be remembered for these things. What he will be remembered for is his infamous appearance on American Idol.

I can proudly say I have never seen a full episode of American Idol. But you have not been paying attention if you didn’t hear about his original song “Pants on the ground”

What did catch my attention was this spoof.

Jimmy Fallon doing a spot-on impression of Neil Young doing a version of General Larry Platts “Pants on the Ground” You can’t make this stuff up. Truth is stranger than fiction.

Have a Great Weekend.