I’m taking the day off from Velorambling today. Of course with a motormouth like mine I never actually stop rambling. It’s been a weekend of riding DH at Diablo, riding rollercoasters and still figuring out what to do today, IF anything. And it’s 11:00 AM. Ahhhhh Holiday’s.

I will leave you with this video about motor’s though.

There has a been alot of talk about this Gruber Assist motor in the Pro-Peloton. These people also “accuse/insinuate” that Spartacus Cancellera may have used it. Say it aint SO Spartacus.

Lots of conjecture here.

I will report in on Wednesday for the quote. Until then, Ride, Eat a Burger, a Hot Dog, some Potato Salad, and have an Adult Beverage or 2.