Obligatory Valentines Day picture. 

I’m thinking she’s more XC and he’s more DH.  She’s rocking the 29er wheels and he’s got the shredder 26’ers working.

I was so grateful to have some moderate temperatures on Saturday that I did what any self respecting bike dork would have done.  I went and cracked out 50 miles.  Upon completing said 50 I realized my fitness was melting away like the pile of snow in my front yard and HOLY MOTHER of all that is right in this world it was windy out. It left me completely shattered. 

As I lay spread eagle on my kitchen floor whining about how windy it was I did what any self respecting social media would have done, I lay staring at my phone (barely holding my arms up) looking at Facebook and Twitter.  It was here that I found this video of some Dutch juniors training and realized I needed a slap and a healthy dose of HTFU!

Take note of 47 seconds to about 1:05 seconds.

The caption on the screen reads “ja Michael, jij hebt de lichtste fiets”  I understood that Michael was his name.  The rest look like a word search of Vowels and consonants.  I searched it out at Babel Fish and it says “yes Michael,  you have the lightest bicycle”  If ever there was an argument for a heavy bicycle that might be it.  This just goes to show why the Dutch and Belgians are such amazing classics riders. 

So I got my sorry but off the floor, ate some soup and went to party.  It seemed like the logical next step. 

Sunday was more riding.  35 miles with a group I had never met.  We rode quickish for an off season ride and it finished at Iron Hill so WIN!  So stoked to ride outside.  Bring on Spring!

Since I am prone to awkward abrupt changes of topic I have decided to run with it. 

Searching through old pictures I found these pics of my first Harry Havnoonian road bike.  A while ago I rambled on about my first “Real Road Bike”  This was my first custom road bike.  Ever have a bike that you wish you never sold.  This is one of mine.

Yep Reynolds 531

Pearlescent yellow and the white had a pearlescent yellow top coat. I miss this bike. 

Man that bike was sexy.  Later on in it’s life I fell into the trap of the early 90’s neon colors and had the bike repainted neon pink and purple.  It was an abomination to such a gorgeous piece of machinery.  The poor bike wasn’t the same after that. 

I found one picture of her in her garish Lady Gaga get-up but I am looking equally as garish in Grateful Dead Tye-dye and cant bring myself to publish it.  Who would have thought that I had some sort of filter on over sharing? 

That bike was like taking the Fast Lane.

Well maybe it wasnt,  but it was the only segue I could think of to shoe-horn that great clip in.  Note to self: If there is ever a big slide next to the elevator….TAKE IT!

Go ride in the wind.  But dont get blown into the canal.