See that guy? It’s all his fault. 22 years ago he gave me a job in the bicycle industry. Because of him I have found my passion in life and met some of the best (and craziest) people I will ever know.
I had just graduated high school and this man offered me a job. It was my second job and truth be told I made more money working in the bar, but Damn Him I liked working in the bike shop. I’ve never been able to escape the industry. Primarily because I don’t want to!
The added benefit of working for Harry was that he was and is a very accomplished frame builder. I didn’t just get a job working at the music store; I got a career that started working for Stradivarius. This dude makes some serious bicycles. I have owned 4 custom frames from him and still have two of them. You will have to pry them from my cold dead hands.

We spent hours cutting these and machining the bottle opener into them. You can tell this one has traveled many miles in my pocket.

My first full custom bike. Taking these pics made me realize that this ride needs some love.

Custom Anodized Mavic hubs by my Friend Marcia. (Russell let her know this pic is up)

Candy cane wrapped pump. The bottle bosses are nutted so there are no holes in the 753 tubing. Of course there is the signature HH brake placement.

Beautiful Everest lugs and a Bearing silver brazed to the seat-tube for a pump peg.

My name on the chainstay was Harry’s gift to me. I was pretty sure I was the cats pajamas at that point.

Thank You Harry. It’s all your fault.