I rode my bike last night.  Nothing too out of the ordinary; I have been riding my bike 5-6 days a week.  Sometimes short rides sometimes long.  Last night just felt right.

The sky was grey and it looked like it was going to rain.  The air was thick and muggy.  I had a good riding partner and someone I had just met.

They named me tour guide, so we went on a new route for them.  They were happy to discover new roads and we chatted and got to know each other.  The route was hilly but we decided that it wasn’t too hilly.

We got back to the car when we could have ridden fifteen minutes longer.  No one seemed to mind.  As we drove away from the meeting spot the raindrops began to hit the windows. We decided that it was perfect timing.

It was a good day.

Tonight I am gonna go watch people go fast and turn left at the Velodrome.

Tomorrow is Cycle Bucks County.  I hope to see you there.  I will be riding sweep on the 25 mile loop, and of course doling out High 5’s.

Life is Good.