Most likely pondering which beer to have next.

I came across this video and it brought me back to my BMX roots.

Who didn’t ride Oakley Grips?  Dorks, that’s who!  Oakley 3’s, B1B’s man they were the Sh&%!

Here is embarrassing evidence.

Look close those were B1B’s.  And yes I did have to throw down the RadicaL Rick.  The bandanna I just cant explain.  Hey you were 13 once too.

I had a bet with a girl at the local pool when I was 13 as to who could get a darker tan.  Both of us could get pretty dark.  In all honesty it was probably a thinly veiled reason for me to ask to see her bikini line on a daily basis.  It worked.

We started the very first day the pool was open and the bet was to last seven days.  She was to wear the same bikini every day but shorts didn’t create as striking of a tan line as the bikini so I took an Oakley sticker and stuck it to my chest every day virtually tattooing the Old School logo onto my chest.

I don’t remember who won although I got to have a peek at her bikini line every day so I am gong to proclaim myself the victor.  As an added bonus I had a sweet Oakley “tattoo” all summer.

As I got older my obsession just grew.  I started riding road and had to have the sweet Factory Pilot’s. 

Mine looked just like these but had the foam to stop the sweat.  I kept them for a long time and eventually got rid of them because the foam was disintegrating.  The same goes for my sweet old skool BMX goggles.  It’s a crying shame those are gone.

I even designed a custom bicycle paint scheme around my old Razor Blades.  Turquoise green Trigger Earpieces with a white brim and purple Iridum lenses. 

Purple pearlescent on the white to match the Iridium lenses

When I was in Italy two years ago we stopped to visit Cicli Lusatti a local bicycle store as a bunch of bicycle dorks are prone to do.  This shop was a wonderful clusterF of old and odd bikes and parts jammed together with some great memorabilia casually hanging around on the walls.

Mr Lusatti’s “desk”

Sweet TT rig.

A hipsters dream.  A bunch of old steel frames.  I wouldn’t necessarily make these fixies with an aerospoke but I’m guessing a hipsters head might explode pondering the possibilities.

My Man-Crush jabbering in Italian to Mr. Lusatti

Eyeballing up all the treasures I spied my only two souvenirs from the trip. They were in original boxes and perfect condition.  He even gave me a slight discount because they were “a few years old”

I wore them on one Classic ride.  Just had too.

Guitar Pick for changing arms and all.

How could one resist those beauties.  Leaving them there would have been as big a mistake as not checking that tan line to make sure it was progressing well.

This obsession only grew as I got older and I am going to respectfully deny to state how many I currently own.  I will say that I am searching for one of the decommissioned Oakley display cases to put my glasses into.

And yes I can fill it.  Possibly over fill it.  I’d like one of the new ones but they are even harder to come across. 

Hmmmm could be time for a new pair.  Maybe these.

The Inmate. Perfect for my life not behind bars.