This has nothing to do with anything written here but…. it is a Christmas tree made of Pink Flamingo’s and tinsel. 

Last weekend (two weekends ago now) I got to ride with some people I have been wanting to ride with for quite a while.    Truth is I have a standing invitation but somehow I am always too “busy”.

Glad I “made” time.  The Emmaus crew does it right.

We rode 70ish miles many on dirt roads and a beer/burger stop 15 miles from the end.  A great way to take advantage of a 50+ degree day in January.

Dave had the second flat of the day.  He is in the background fixing it while we discuss the theory of relativity.

Back on the road.  Dave was soon to say goodbye and then there would be four.  
It was cool to see that all four bikes were from small builders.  We had an Independent Fabrication (Plunkett), a Crumpton (Beth), A Burley (Taylor), and an HH (Me).  Long live independent frame builders. 

Did I mention it was gravel?
We climbed a gravel road called Bake Oven.  It was longish for our area, and a good steady climb.  I was last up and many thanks to the crew for not making me feel like a…

I wasn’t joking they were waiting for me at the top.

Followed Taylor down the descent. He threw down a sweet Johnny T one legged drift around a turn.

Gravel goodness.

Last stop before the end.

It was a good day.

Not quite like this, but kinda, but not really