Click on this and let Stevie be your soundtrack while you peruse the daily rambling. One of my all time favorite SW song’s.

Yesterday was Stevie Wonder’s Birthday. I didn’t realize until later in the day. This is a TRAGEDY! there should be an International Stevie Wonder Day. Early on in my exercise in Bloggerism I wrote about my appreciation of all things Stevie Wonder. In fact if I ever get so ambitious as to produce stickers, T-Shirts or such the first ones will read WWSWD? Read HERE to find out more. If you do click over watch the clip of Stevie playing the drums; yes the DRUMS. It is worth the time and you very well may thank me for it.

I have heard people disparage cycling as a sport in my life. Many people don’t consider it a sport at all, after all most Americans can ride a bicycle. Traditional ball sports are considered real sports. I found this picture over at PezCycling News that I would like to submit as Evidence A as to why “guys riding around on curly bar bikes in their underwear” are certified BAD ASSES.

Pic by Cor Vos via Pezycling News.

They don’t call bike races for rain delays. Even when the skies look like this.

Pic by Cor Vos via Pezycling News

Those two pictures would be my opening and closing arguments when someone disparages cycling as a difficult sport. Nuff Said.

Even Smart guys like bikes. Check out what these Yale engineering students are up to over HERE. Practical? Maybe not but I do like to see people pushing the boundaries and experimenting. Even if it is for a grade.

Pic Via Gizmodo.

That is all for today but I would like to send you on your way with a classic and excellent Stevie tune.

You are welcome for the EarWorm. Now Friday can begin.