Mine was Chrome

My very good friends Mark and K.C. own Castle Rock Bicycle Company.  They posted what may be the most amazing BMX clip ever over on their Facebook page.  Doing what any blogger trolling for content would do I promptly stole it so you could enjoy it as well.  I always knew that they were crazy for BMX in the Far East but this is truly amazing.

I’ve watched it 4 times already. 

That is all for today.  I have to get busy avoiding any Black Friday activity.  I’ve done it before but I hope never again.

Here is a cause I can whole heartedly get behind though. Small Business Saturday.  Go show your local bicycle shop some monetary love on Saturday.  Perhaps stop in at some of your other favorite shops and spend your holiday money there.  It will help keep these hard working folks in business and help to give your town it’s unique “flavor”  And not look like some mass strip mall. 

If your in Castle Rock for instance go in and buy something from Mark and K.C.  Maybe rent a pair of ski’s or get a snowboard tune while your at it.