Hopefully your weekend wasn’t all yardwork.

Saturday I rode a nice century. in Burlington County NJ.

Now for all of you that think New Jersey is all BIG hair…

And What Exit?

You have not spent much time there. New Jersey is actually a pretty nice place. Central Jersey is relatively flat and looks a bit like this in Farm and Horse Farm country.

I started the day in fine fashion. Riding with two attractive young ladies and having a grand old time. The thing was we weren’t making the time we should have because it was WINDY. I mean WINDY. One of these fine upstanding ladies even cursed at the wind; several times. I wasn’t so much shocked as amused.

In typical fashion for me I had a perfectly good thing going and then went and screwed it up. These ladies were doing the Metric Century that was actually 64 but end up being 67 miles. Since I was doing the Century (which was actually 103 miles) I left the company of two perfectly charming ladies and set off on my own. If your thinking IDIOT. You are probably right I could have stayed and chatted and had a grand old time but instead I set of on a Death March.

The wind was so strong that this lady passed me.

I knew I was in for it then. There were times in open fields where I was fighting for all I had to go between 12 and 14 miles an hour. UGGH!

Then that Darn lady passed me again.

I asked, even begged and pleaded for her to drop that house on me but she wouldn’t. I guess she figured it would be more painful to make me finish what I started.

I did see some cool stuff out behind bars though. I even remembered I had a camera in my phone. Unfortunately it was after I saw the street sign for ASSISCUNK road. That about summed up how I was feeling then.

I did see this.

And This.

Funny but the road wasn’t very big.

The course was marked very well. The large white R on the right was for the ride I was on. The ones on the left I wasnt sure about, but I had a strong feeling that I should be following them instead.

After some post ride complaining, Beer, Fries, and Burgers things started to look up.

Then me and a few friends, among them Mr. Jameson, and Mr Boddington chilled out and looked at the sky.

It turned out to be a Darn Fine day.

My mini drama was nothing compared to the suffering the guys endured the same day in Italia.

Referring back to Friday’s Post. Installment #2 of why Cyclists are tough guys.

Photo by Cor Vos via Pez Cyclingnews

Read about it on the PEZ over HERE.

Have a good week. See you on Wednesday for the quote.