I found this one over HERE.

We must hold the phone, do not pass go do not collect $200, STOP what you are doing and immediately get your Butt to Ann Arbor Michigan. The festival of all festivals started yesterday and I am frankly horrified that I have missed such an event. I of course am speaking of.

They had me at “We’re bringing some of the biggest names in bacon to Ann Arbor”

It is well known that there are indeed two food groups.

1: Bacon

2: Everything else.

Check out the festivities HERE. Man I wish I was in Ann Arbor.

Now in Non-Bacon related news. I have a few things in the mailbag and hiding on my hard-drive to share before starting the awesomeness that is my weekend.

First up. I have stayed reasonably clear of Landis-Gate 2010 so far even though it is getting more bizarre as time passes. He’s using Greg Lemond’s legal team now? Really? The same Mr. Lemond that he made threatening phone calls to during his trial? But I digress. This insight by Scott Tinley (2 Time Ironman Champion)is pretty enlightening. He talks about some of the reasons why Floyd may have started with drug use and why he is coming clean. It’s a good quick read. Check it out HERE.