Bell Volt Helmet $175 Retail Value

I have written about and raised money for the Young Survival Coalition plenty of times before.  I got introduced to this organization while working for Giant Bicycles.  It became personal when that bastard cancer took my co-worker Michelle Weiser from this world far to early.  It struck me on a level I didn’t know possible.  I tapped out some thoughts HERE.  Just re-reading that one is painful.

The Young Survival Coalition helps young women in need.  It helps theses women deal with the issues that are unique to someone under forty who has to deal with Cancer.  I find this noble.  There are many organization’s that fight to cure cancer.  This one help’s people who have to deal with it right now.  Participating in this has changed my perspective quite a bit.  I wrote about it HERE and HERE as well. 
Along the way I met some of the most amazing people.  I am glad to call these women and men my friends.  The survivors have moved me to tear’s at their strength and the passing of one makes me hurt in away that I didn’t know possible.
This year thing’s did not align for me to be able to participate.  I didn’t realize how much I would miss the camaraderie until the East Coast edition happened.  The West Coast Edition starts Friday and it is eating me to not be able to participate either.  The LRHG is participating and doing her best to raise as much money as possible.   Since this ride is really about raising money for these rockstar women and not giving me another chance to ride my bicycle I decided I would put my money where my mouth (or in this case my typing fingers) is/are.  I am going to donate a top of the line Bell Volt helmet like the one at the top of this post.   Detail’s after the screaming Bold Print.

How: Donate $5 to THIS SITE.
Every $5 donation will get you an entry.  For example a $5 donation gets you one a $25 donation gets you 5 entries, a $100 donation gets you 20 entries.  You get the math.

Winning: I will tally all the entries through the end of day October 19th.  October 21st I will post the winner of a Brand Spanking new Bell Volt of your choice.  You get to pick the color and the size.  I’ll even mail it to you for no charge.  

It’s that easy.  Donate $5 help a young women, save your own melon.  

You might even want to pick this fancy one.

The choice is yours.