Today we will start with Vodka and end with Vodka.

I have not watched any World Cup soccer matches they all seem to annoyingly be on while I am working. Even though I have not watched I still want a vuvuzela. The name just sounds funny and verging on dirty. I’m not speaking of the noise it makes but the word it self. Just say it out loud, go ahead nobody’s looking. Funny Huh?

This post needed a soundtrack so here it is.

That’s right the Rolling Freaking Stones!

In other YouTube related videos I saw this over at Stevil‘s interweb house while I was sitting in his virtual living room drinking his virtual beer and petting his virtual cat. I had to watch this twice. Think you can conquer adversity? If this dude can so can you. Do your self a favor and watch this.

As one of the commenter’s on Stevil’s post says “the strength he has to push through learning new tricks is above his shoulders and arms.” I couldn’t have said it better myself so I didn’t try.

One Word RAD!

While I’m stealing content I might as well keep rolling…

Selene Yeager the “Fit Chick” Posted this up yesterday. sounds like a HELL of a good organization. This organization helps children with disabilities do just what it says; teach them to ride a two wheeler on their own.

Check em out, see if they are gonna be in your area and if you can help. You can be ordained and spread the gospel of two wheels. Help two people at once; the child you teach something to and yourself.

They are going to be in Harrisburg July 12th-16th and Philadelphia August 9th-13th. I’m going to hit up Philly. Come join me.

The weather is Jungle hot here and riding is in full swing. I’m gonna take the opportunity to take a longer ride with the good folks of the YSC on Saturday and on Sunday I’m gonna go get my ass handed to me at the Lewis Morris Mountain Bike Race. That combined with a weekend of Family parties and I should be good and tired for Monday. Yet Oddly refreshed and ready to Pin It.

To close out the day… Am I the only one that finds this disturbing on many levels.