Tour de Georgia 05

“May you descend like you have Santa’s belly and climb like you are pulled by Reindeer” Me.

For the first time since I started this exercise in narcissism I didn’t post a Wednesday quote.  So to make up for it I made up my own.  I have been busier than a one armed paper-hanger with an itchy butt.  So frankly for once my priorities were in order and they were pointed in places other than here. 

There was some stuff from faithful readers in the inbox and on the FB wall.  This is great because they write my post for me and get me to my eggnog earlier.

First up from Dave.  This is a man who clearly has his priorities in order and very good taste in bicycles.

Bow Chicka Bow Bow

“On my last trip to Chicago before it snowed Hotwired hooked me up with a room at the Champagne Lodge so my bike and I could have a great ride at Palos then share a romantic evening of maintenance before it got put away for the winter.”

Dave you are truly an inspiration and your bride is lucky to have a caring and sensitive man like yourself.  Have a beer and pretend I bought it for you.  It’ll taste way better than normal. 

Next up from the LRHG.  She found this gem somewhere out in the interwebs


A tree made of recycled bicycles is the centerpiece of The Rocks, a shopping district in Sydney, Australia.

Made of 100 old bikes donated by a local recycling company. The bike frames were spray-painted tree green, while the tires were given a multi-colored makeover to make them look like holiday lights.

It took eight weeks to build the 23-foot-tall Tree-Cycle

I don’t know who to credit for this so if it is from your site please don’t sue me.  That would be very unchristmaslike.  Thank you to the LRHG and a 23 foot tall to you as well.

And from the random acts of Xmas files.

It really did taste like Xmas. 

 I always enjoy seeing the bike make a random appearance.  How this bunny is helping to sell ornaments I don’t know but….. Cool Bike

The beginning of the week I made the pilgrimage to Bean-Town to visit Bicycle Peddlers and show my mug around the office.  The boy with two first names must have been reading my post about staying warm because he presented me with these.

These are clearly not gloves.  Maybe foot gloves, or as Stevil would call them Foot Bags

GripGrab doesn’t distribute here but I have a feeling the Dane’s know a thing or two about dealing with cold weather.  Thank you Two First Named one for looking out for my foot comfort.

For those of you reading who have feet I would recommend going over to visit Stevil HERE at his worldwideinterweb store and order some of these pronto.  Not only are they cool but you can support his illicit habits such as paying his mortgage and buying catfood.  Look around for awhile you might find some other stuff to spend that money Aunt Martha gave you.

As Stevil says “Get em before the Cease and Desist order arrives”
It has been just over a year since I started this rambling and over 170 posts.  Thank You to all that have stopped by to visit my virtual home.  Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday’s to you all.  (all 3 of you Hi Mom!)