You know he looked but the camera catches a great moment.  Caption contest?

That pic reminded me of this classic of W.

What exactly is he up to? I have many off-color comments.

Which always leads me to this one. 

That can be considered a very dirty symbol young lady.

OK while searching out these gems from the depths of my hard drive I found this one.  This begs for a Happy Birthday shout out to the Fuzzy Ginger Proprietor of Saucon Valley Bikes.

Don’t let the fancy headlight fool ya. Steve knows his Shtuff and has a good selection of gear in stock.  The Wednesday night rides he hosts are really good. if your in the Lehigh Valley on a Wednesday night and wanna get dirt in your teeth get in touch with him.  Tell him I sent you and you’ll get a complimentary punch in the belly and open yourself up immediately to a thorough heckling.  That’s just how we roll.

Be warned that if you do go to Saucon Valley you may encounter this


If you do happen to encounter Josh first off be warned that yes you will be dealing with two ginger’s in one shop, and you have a good chance of leaving with your bike working really well.  Josh is a HELL of a good wrench and one of the few people that I will let slap his sweaty mitts on my ride. 

Whats the difference between a mechanic and a chef?

A mechanic has to wash his hands before he pee’s. 

Alright more random nonsense before I throw myself feetfirst into Friday and then headfirst into the weekend.

Wednesday I talked about the chilean miners and Oakley.  If you google “chilean miner oakley”  you will come up with pages of stories on it.  Aside from all of the press I do believe that they did it simply because it was the right thing to do.  The marketing benefit’s are a very pleasant by-product.  I think I will let my jawbones rest for the weekend and wear the best in “Underground Style” this weekend.  My Radar’s.

As many of you may know Interbike has performed one of the biggest Flip Flops that the Bicycle industry has seen in recent memory.

They are Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

After announcing that Interbike would leave Sin City in September for Anaheim in August, they are back in Sin City in September.  All in the course of a few weeks.  As usual Rick Vosper has a very insightful take on it, so I wont pontificate.  Go read what he already wrote.  It’s HERE.

Now to take a complete 270 degree turn.  I am not much of a Rap guy but I like what I like.  To quote Shirley Bassey which I have done beforeSome people don’t dance, if they don’t know who’s singing,why ask your head, it’s your hips that are swinging”  That said this clip that I stole off of Reuben’s book of faces is pretty darn good.

I thought that I knew all of the lyric’s from my mis-spent youth at JR’s in Jamison (Yeah I just went there) but after looking them up I realize I only know a portion. I’d be happy to throw down my lame off key version for you, all you have to do is ask.  An appropriate show of appreciation would be a tip in the form of this.

Alright the randomness is winding down. 

I appreciate good marketing heck I even appreciate bad marketing but every once in a while I see some that I just don’t understand. 

Best Vodka of 2033?  Don’t you have to be relevant now to be around in 2033?  Is some freaky robot woman supposed to make me buy this vodka?  I know she about frightens me into wanting to drink.  I just don’t get it.

In the continuing quest for pictures of your life behind bars I got this one from mad-scientist, biologist, ecologist, bike rider, Russell.

Russell’s in Seattle and go figure it rained on him last weekend.

Ok time to get to World Domination for the day so I can enjoy the weekend.  Wish I was racing Granogue, good luck to all that are.  Do us all a favor jeopardize your UCI points and take a beer hand-up.