I was perusing my pictures for inspiration and clearly that top picture is inspiration worthy. I then came across a pic of T-Rav. It was inspiration worthy in a COMPLETELY different way. I knew when I took the pic that T-Rav looked like Wallace of Wallace and Gromit fame but pictures truly dont lie. Judge for yourself.

T-Rav’s Doppelganger

Of interest Tom Boonen has often been accused of looking like Wallace as well. I point these similarities out only as observation. Both of these guys are faster than me, just in varying degrees.

Some picture captions write themselves so for this one I’ve got nothin.

Do you ever get the creepy feeling that your electronic equipment knows you? Well I really don’t either but, this was quite the pairing of music while my Ipod was on shuffle the other day.

Queen’s “Bicycle”

Followed by Iggy Pop “Lust for Life”

This is all the randomness I can conjur at the moment. So as you file out of work today.

I hope that someone gives you a beer handup to start the weekend off nicely.