I got this sweet poster of Francesco Moser from the LRHG’s uncle the other day.  A friend of his brought it back from Italy.  He says that it is from Moser’s shop and was autographed by the man himself.  See the signature over the F?  
There is so much to love about this poster.  The old school bubble font.  The clip’s and strap’s. Moser’s massive thigh’s.  Exposed brake cables. Grinding in the little ring out of the saddle.  That faraway glare.  
A few thing’s I really dig are the guys smoking as they cheer, and the young girl who looks likes she is praying.  Possibly for a(nother) Moser victory.

The woman standing away from the crowd holding her baby catches my eye as well.  Possibly she is trying to stay away from the noise to keep the kid awake.

Maybe I over analyzed it.

I am trying to figure out a place to hang this.  For some reason I keep fighting the urge to hang it in my bedroom thinking that it would look more like a sixteen year old’s room.