Having a feeling I’m gonna be suffering like him on Saturday. What? You don’t think he looks like he’s suffering? Believe me he is. Wouldn’t you be suffering if you had 4 feet and your supposed provider made you perform/pose on a tricycle that wont even move? That seems like alot of trouble just to get kibble.

I ride my bicycle because I like to. Seems like a simple enough statement. Afterall why do something so much if I didn’t actually like it. The thing is that riding a bicycle can actually help other people. I believe the health benefits are pretty clear, especially to the crowd reading this. Undoubtedly you have seen/read/or taken part in some of the charity rides that are out there. One that has gotten my attention and my support is the Tour de Pink. I have written about this before and am constantly inspired and amazed by these people. The sense of humor and dedication to helping others is amazing.

Pilfered from LJF off of Facebook

I read this installment of Amy’s blog and was again struck by the candor and emotion poured into one small post. Amazed that something like the bicycle has introduced me a “Bicycle Guy” to these people that otherwise I never would know. Please click through and read.

I read this post and commented on Amy’s Facebook that she moved me. Amy in turn told me that she reads my blog for motivation to ride. This POSITIVELY floored me. If sharing my innane ramblings about bikes helps get someone out on a bike then that is Rad as far as I’m concerned. The fact that it can motivate someone that will have such a far reaching effect on other women’s lives–WOW. Even my rambling self cant come up with the feelings that invokes. Thank You Amy. Keep Riding. If so moved please help Amy and the many other supporters of the YSC out.

Someone that is not so inspired by riding a bicycle is Dowd Muska. Stevil over at AHTBM brought this to my (and countless others) attention yesterday on his Friday post that he actually posted on Thursday. Dowd believes that only children should ride bicycles. He also believes that bicycles are “pilfering” money from the transportation budget. I could rant against this for a long time. This single minded view of a car only culture is maddening. Read his vitriol HERE. Feel free to let Mr. Muska know that he is completely wrong. Stevil gives you his phone # and other info to contact him. I wont repost and steal his thunder. Just click through and get it.

I just reread his article when grabbing the link and MAN he makes my blood boil.

Have a fantastic Friday and think a small thought for me on Saturday as I pummel myself for 208. It’s not for anything as dubious as helping deserving women with cancer but it will hopefully prove to me yet again that I can persevere.

I hope there’s a cold one of these at the end.