Well this is starting to feel a bit like I am that neighbor from the 1970’s that returned home from a vacation and insisted on clearing off the table and showing home movies and slides on an empty living room wall. 
It’s a good thing that this is my narcissistic rambling web-log thingie because I am going to share some of my favorite pictures from the final stage of the  Tour Day France (official Bob Roll pronunciation)
Sunday July 25th started off like most Sunday’s.  I got up had a croissant and headed out for a walk.  (Didn’t have a bike I and I sure as heck wasn’t going running)
I passed this
Then decided to check this out.  I figured ahh what the hell.  When In Paris…
The View Didn’t disappoint.
So after this ordinary morning I figured that I would continue with my normal routine and go with a few friends .
Check in with some pretty girls.
Snag a nice gift.
Eat a gourmet meal
And have a front row seat for the spectacle
But this was what I was here for…
Yeah thats a fuzzy shot of El Pistolero/Shooter Mcgee
Fuzzy shot of Petacchi in his multi colored green outfit.  It would be nice if they all consulted the pantone color guide to get together on the same page.  They took what could have been a cool kit and made it ummmmm not so cool.
Alright to ditch the aloof wish I was cool guy demeanor… This was a BIKE DORKS DREAM.  I was able to watch every bit of the last stage in complete luxury.  Even when the riders werent in front of me I had my choice of  T.V.’s  or the jumbotron
I am gonna go on the record and say that I live pretty well. 
Now to keep things real……
Wanna buy some bicycles?