The time has come to announce the winner of the Bell Volt Helmet.  I thank everyone who donated to this cause.  The details of this contest were run on my site right HERE
As a quick recap.  The contest was to raise money for Young Survival Coalition.  The YSC had the West Coast Version of the Tour de Pink last week.
Pictures of the West Coast version can be seen HERE.  From the multitude of people I have spoken with this was another amazing trip.  East coast got to meet West coast.  Many of my friends from the YSC community got to mingle with folks from the Giant Bicycles community.
HUGE props to the folk’s from Giant.  They have sponsored this ride for many years and even stepped up their support for the organization.  They raised over $52,000 in Michelle Weiser’s name and have pledged to do more going forward.  They are even sponsoring a design contest for a survivor to design a limited edition YSC bike.  If you are a Breast Cancer survivor or know one send them over HERE for details.
I believe the YSC designed bike will be based off of this beauty,
Now enough rambling. The moment of truth.  Thank you again to all.  We raised an additional $220.  Want to know who won the helmet?  Watch the video.
Mr. Dave scoot on over to the Bell Helmets website.  Choose a color and let me know what you want.  DM me on Facebook or Twitter and I’ll order it up Pronto.
Thanks for playing along.  We may have to have another contest.