I saw this beauty as I was driving down the road and nearly stood my soccer-mom mobile on it’s nose stopping and turning into the library parking lot. Immediately I knew I had to do an homage to the Green Laker.

His “Down on the Street” updates are always filled with facts about the vehicle and witty anecdotes about how he owned or wanted to own said vehicle.

I have none of the witty repartee that “THE” Green Laker would impart on the subject. Hell I only know this car is a BMW, and didn’t feel like surfing Google trying to figure it out. Was kinda hoping the Green one himself would impart some knowledge. To that point I know I like old BMW’s.

I had never seen this one and it caught my eye. Lets let the picture’s tell a thousand words and I’ll lob occasional commentary.

She’s a bit rough around the edges, the hood doesn’t even close all the way.

Cute Butt. Just Sayin.

Pennsylvania winters and road salt seem to be taking a toll on the elegant old gal.

I tried to get a picture of the great very intact wooden dashboard but the reflection, and my wish not to look like I was thieving the vehicle kept me from getting it.

To that note–while trying to get some interior pictures I noticed that the keys were hanging in the ignition. It was only a brief thought but it was there.

See Ya for the Wednesday Quote.