Excelsior Motorcycle

I got a chance to check this beauty out the other night at a party.  This was a friends fathers and when they cleaned out the barn they had to lift it out with a hoist.  How they got it upstairs is still a mystery.  My guess is it had to something to do with a few can’s of Schlitz and some male bravado.
I was amazed how much bicycle technology this 1914 (I think) Excelsior had on it.  The forks look like old springer forks and the frame was definitely reminiscent of a Black Phantom.  When the owner told me that Excelsior motorcycles were owned and manufactured by the Schwinn Family it made perfect sense to me.

According to Wikipedia;

Excelsior Motor Manufacturing & Supply Company was a U.S. motorcycle manufacturer operating in Chicago from 1907 to 1931.[1] It was purchased by Ignaz Schwinn, proprietor of bicycle manufacturer Arnold, Schwinn & Co. in 1912.[2] The Henderson Motorcycle Company became a division of Excelsior when Schwinn purchased Henderson in 1917.[1] By 1928, Excelsior was in third place in the U.S. motorcycle market behind Indian and Harley-Davidson. The Great Depressionconvinced Schwinn to order Excelsior’s operations to cease in September 1931.

I’m gonna go right ahead and file that under the “You learn something new every day” file.  

This moto has been meticulously restored and is one of only 15(ish) in it’s condition that are known to still exist.  He has already willed it to the Smithsonian when he dies.  

Now if Joe Montgomery had taken a cue from Ignaz Schwinn on ceasing operations maybe he would still own Cannondale. 

You can read about that HERE.  I still have some of the original sales materials from Cannondale about the Moto and  Quad.  Maybe someday someone will want them.  Maybe not.

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