Jay de Jesus’s (EWR Jay) Life Behind Bar’s

You all may remember EWR Jay from a write up i did approximately 368 days ago.  If you don’t check it out HERE.  Jay ripping up the snow trails in the Adirondack’s got me thinking that he was a tough guy.  He is a true hard man possibly in the realm of Jens Voight.

Stolen from Robin Wilmott/Bicycling.com via Robert Mackey of the Lede Blog

Jens is so tough that if he crashes he will steal a kids bike and finish the race.

This led me to search out a site I had seen before. http://www.jensvoigtfacts.com/  Click on the picture of Jens to scroll through the comments on the top.  One of my favorites is “Jens Voight can start a fire rubbing two mud puddles together” 

If you have been living under a rock and are not familiar with the Hard Man who could make Chuck Norris tremble in his shoes then go read THIS.  I stumbled on this write up googling for jensvoightfacts.com.  The Lede blog has a great write up and this great interview clip.

 Even though I stole a few choice bits from the article there are still plenty of choice bits over there.  Click over it’s worth it.

How about a Tuff Girl.  Gordo’s mother Jackie the Giant Demo driver gave me express permission to use this picture.

Jackie staying warm Behind Bars

Don’t doubt Jackie’s Jens like character just because she is on a trainer.  Jackie sets up all of the Giant for Women demo’s and does Ladies Nights at select retailers.   On this particular day she rode the trainer  to stay warm instead of being wrapped deep in the cocoon that is known as Gordo.  Staying warm riding and just generally being Kick AZZ qualifies Jackie for Tuff Girl status.

Jackie and Gordo Her Sweet Sprinter. 

*Added at Jackies request so no-one thinks she is TOO weird for curling up in Gordo.  Gordo is indeed a vehicle*

Jay, Jens, and Jackie.  Maybe it’s something about the J’s that brings tuffness to it. Perhaps I should change my name? 
Man I’m feeling like a wuss for not riding with a head-cold.  Better go ride and just sweat it out. Time to HTFU.