Giant Factory DH Rider Danny Hart won the World Championship in dramatic fashion yesterday.  I knew it had to be a great ride because my tweeps on twitter and facebook blew up about it.  Even people I know from competing companies were praising his 11 second victory.  I gave it a look.  Pretty amazing, you should to.  For convenience sake I posted it right underneath.  I’m thoughtful like that.

**Update**  I have been informed that the YouTube link is not working.  Click directly over to VITAL and check it out from there.  Here is the LINK.  (Hint click the word LINK over there < )

I met Danny at the River Weasel Festival, Or Sea Otter if you want to be all correct about things.  He is a nice quiet kid and then he rip’s stuff out like this quick phone video I shot at the warm-up’s for the Speed and Style competition.

Congrats young Jedi.