If today’s post had a soundtrack it would be this……

Feel free to listen while perusing…..

If I knew what a Haiku was I would imagine it went something like this…..

Punk rock in my ears

Autumn colors in my eyes

My butt planted on a Flite saddle

Skinny tires on damp gravel roads

My Life Behind Bars

Some eye candy from this morning’s brain refresher courtesy of the iPhone

Them are big wheels

I’m digging the way the motion distorts the front wheel and stem

The Bridge from afar

Must have ridden past this hundreds of times and never took notice
From on the Bridge the View North

From on the Bridge the View South

The weekend promises more of this plus bonus extras. Enjoy it and if you think of your local neighborhood blogger snap a pic and send it my way or post it HERE.

Practice random acts of Radness.