The cyclocross worlds got me thinking about the cyclocross races I attended and worked this year. These races are fun. They kind of remind me of the early days of mountain bike racing. Minus that funny smell in the air.

Everyone seems to be having a good time.

The racers

Emmett moments before tearing peoples legs off and on her way to 2nd place.

The spectators

These guys are shifty and a bag full of awesomeness.

And the announcers

If Richard is announcing your having fun.

There is a healthy appreciation for the lighter side of things. I am not sure if it is because of the mud,

the fact that it’s a short season, or that every race has a beer garden.

MMMM Beer!

Sure some of the athletes take the racing seriously but when they aren’t on the course even they seem to have a good time. I wouldn’t get in Tim Johnson’s way on the course but off the course he is a good guy to chat and have a Red Bull with.

Is that a Red Bull in your belt or are you just happy?

Maybe these folks remember that they are racing because they really like to ride.

If you’re racing anything this year, please try to bring your cyclocross attitude with you. Maybe even try to incorporate Stevil’s patent pending “Beer Hand Down” technique. You just might have more fun and brighten someone’s day.

I just finished up the week of meetings at the Mothership. Riding was good, meetings were good, and cavorting with my distant brothers and sisters was what the Dr. ordered.

The trip ended on an awesome note while Ben Mot, the New Girl and myself were having a chilled adult beverage in the hotel lobby and this came on.

We laughed so hard we caused a scene. I think I suffered internal damage, and it wasnt just the influence of the Adult Beverage.