Are you gonna step up Miss Manderfield? (Yeah I just called you out!)

Alright I have some more classic Ad’s to post. I am in a top secret location learning about the products that will mold a generation. This makes it necessary to post a picture heavy update since knowledge, long range goals, planning, bourbon, and beer are occurring.

So lets dive right in…

We are getting closer to the 1900’s and color ad’s are starting to appear. What’s next? Moving pictures? Crazy talk, I say! 1897.

This is VERY Risque for 1898! Cyclists have always been at the forefront of pushing the envelope. Nice anvil. Just sayin.

We are back to Black and White. I think its acceptable since it was 1899.

WAIT! WHAT! This doesnt belong here. Did someone really make these shorts? The bigger question being who would wear these?

OK. Yes I would wear these, and in fact, I want a pair. If anyone knows where to get these please let me know. I need me some.

Back to irregularly scheduled programming…

1900 was a year to push the boundaries. This woman’s clothes are falling off.

Fantastic. Just Plain Fantastic! 1900

Another from the turn of the century, last century. 1900.

These have nothing to do with bicycles but Cuz Chris forwarded them over and dagnubbit I have to use them. The classics section seems as logical a place as any.

This is a fitting tribute to the 75th anniversay of canned beer. Funny it doesnt look that easy by Twenty Ten standards.

This one makes me think so much my brain hurts.

I must go join my compatriots and figure this one out.

Until next time.


This Just In…

Jeff Lenosky and Chris Aceto take 3rd place at the Ray’s Odd Couple Video Contest.

The contest consists of 1 BMX rider (Chris Aceto) 1 MTB rider (Jeff Lenosky) and a videographer (Gardner Raymond) When you have the pull of J-Lo you can get one of the videographers who works with DH Productions.

OH! take into account that this is Chris Aceto’s first ever competition, he’s a teenager, and his bike HAS NO BRAKES!!!