When I think of beautiful people at the shore this is the image I conjure up.

Not this

I started this blog because I like Me a good blog. Stevil and BSNYC have some humorous and insightful takes on all things BIKE. There are plenty of others that keep me entertained. The Blog folder in my favorites is almost as long as my regular favorites.

I know its cliché (oh wow look when I typed cliché it got a little doohickey on top) to say that I don’t watch much TV but I don’t. It has been pointed out to me, that I probably spend too much time on the computer. I would guess that blogs are my version of a reality show.

I haven’t seen it but the world wide interweb is all atwitter about the Jersey Shore on MTV. I regularly drive through the Jersey Shore but it is to peddle bikes not to punch people or show my (nonexistent) abs. But for some reason I have a strong desire to get a nick-name like “The Situation”. I thought Snooki would be a great nick name but then I googled the show and found out Snooki was a girl. Kind of a deal breaker.

I guess I will have to stay with my regular nickname.

Luckily most people in the Garden State aren’t like this. Looking at the Bio’s of the “cast” only one of the people on the show is from Jersey. And her name is Sweetheart. She must be nice.

Oh and for the record, after reading the Bio’s of the “actors” on the Jersey Shore I am perfectly content missing every episode; or not?