Mine was Chrome but I rode the living crap outta that bike. Prolite bars, ProClass rims, Man I was PRO!

I got thrust back into the 80’s this weekend. The realization that my youth has been made into a Totally Awesome Musical got me thinking about my Totally Awesome childhood.

I rode my BMX bike everywhere, and dreamed of doing stuff this RAD.

Whats really RAD is that I work with several guys that were in this movie.

Now some complete randomness from the 80’s

Fashion advice from Mr. T. And if anyone knows fashion its Mr. T.

“Do you think Bill Blass and Calvin Klein wear clothes with YOUR name on them? Then why should we pay to wear their name?”

Who could forget the Gary Coleman Show? Well I did but thanks to the randomness of YouTube it will be forever burnt into my conciousness.

One of my all time cheesiest Favorites. The Greatest American Hero.
Believe it or not I’m walking on air.

And who could forget the Eighties HUGE stars, and Totally Awesome Music. Mostly it was their hair that was huge but what says that better then KAJAGOOGOO

I am not proud to say I had that lead singers haircut; but I did!