If its not fun why do it?

Back from a much needed break from Blogging.  I am recharged and full of banality.

Cyclocross is just about over and the temps have dropped into colder than a witches left one territory so it is THAT time of the year again.  Yep the dreaded roller season.

Now many of you may ask “Gary you aren’t a racer so why put yourself through that?”  You would be correct.  The true reason is that I enjoy this.

And this…

And this…

You get the picture. The nice heavy beers will take a toll on the winter and if I just ride occasionally  I will look like this come spring.

Some may argue that I already do but I believe they exaggerate.  Although thankfully I don’t look like the Chicken Either. 

Speaking of the Chicken… Did you see that he is going to be headlining a new team? He did his time and should be allowed to come back but will he and his team get the Floyd-like snub?  Will they have a difficult time getting invites to the big races?  Only time will tell.
Speaking of ex-Pros.  The Lion King has plenty of things to SAY.  Even retired he is more quoteworthy than many cyclists.  One of my favorites from the article is in reference to the infamous “Chaingate”

“Seeing Schleck and Contador embrace on the Tourmalet after crossing the line and then seeing Contador affectionately pinch Schleck’s cheek during his interview was unreal for me,” Cipollini exclaimed. “Logically, Schleck should have been raging, he had just lost the Tour after all.
“After the chain slip incident on the Port de Balès, he should have attacked the Spaniard day after day, in front of the microphones and on the air too, without giving him time to piss!”

Liked this one from the writer Barry Ryan as well…

Cipollini admitted to being far more expressive when he was defeated and he believes that the riches now on offer to top cyclists mean that the edges have softened on many rivalries.

Read it yourself and get all the Machismo and bravado you need to be charging into the weekend. 

Back to Rollers.  I need to channel my inner “This Guy”

Holy Freaking LEGSPEED!

And remember not to be “This Guy”

With that it is time to head into the weekend.  May you have a weekend worth sharing but holding back a few choice details from your mother.