When you receive an invitation like this in your inbox the only appropriate reply is “Yes I will be there”

Thing is that this isn’t as dirty as it sounds.  I say not as dirty because I know these folks and……. I’ll leave it at that.  This is for a friends birthday party that is instrumental in the Young Survival Coalition.  More specifically involved with the Tour de Pink.  You may remember this from last year when I rode the ride.  The ride is changing this year and will be very close to my local stomping grounds.  This has me torn as to whether I will ride it/ work it, go do the West Coast version, or any combination of the above.

If you are interested in doing a great multi-day ride that will help many people out, and possibly change your perspective on life.  I highly recommend these ride’s and this organization.

I spoke of another ride in my neck of the woods on Friday, also known internationally as Stevie Wonder’s birthday.  This one… Cycle Bucks County is new this year, and put on by one of the best event companies in the cycling world; G4 Productions.  G4 also puts on the TDP mentioned above.  Cycle Bucks County benefit’s the Tara Reidley Foundation.  This foundation has a number of different thing’s that they help out.  Please click through and check it out, you should be impressed; I was.

So we covered Bike’s and Boob’s already today.  Instead  of Birthday’s I am going to take poetic license and the third B of this post will be Beer.  Because Bike’s, Boob’s and Beer has a certain ring to it.

I spent Saturday at the Washington Crossing Brewfest.  It was my first Beer Fest and I was able to walk past the large line to get in and avoid the person with their hand stuck out wanting money.  I was able to do this by helping Suzy from SlyFox pour beer’s and hand them out to the throngs of thirsty people.  Many years of tending bar comes back in a heart beat.  It made it easier that there were only two choices for me to pour.  The Saison which I am a BIG fan of, and the wickedly popular 113 IPA.

Sly fox is one of the Craft breweries at the leading edge of having good beer in can’s.  The can’s are easy to carry, don’t shatter when you drop them and super fancy to look at.  I highly recommend keeping your novelty coozie away from these portable, tasty work’s of art.

Suzy is also known as the Beerlass.  Miss Beerlass is a cute, vivacious bundle of beer knowledge.  She know’s beer and the beer industry the way I know bike’s and the bike industry.  Walking the festival with her was an exercise in stopping every 10 feet or so and talking with a brewer or someone from a brewery.  It reminded me of having a chance to get out of my booth at Interbike.  Walk a few feet, stop talk, walk a few feet, stop talk, repeat, and then WHOAH, we gotta get back to the booth.

The event sold out and even a massive downpour in the middle of it couldn’t keep people away.

That’s Suzy…. Yes, the girl on the left.

I did get a chance to try a bunch of good brew’s and chatted with some great people and a ton of character’s.  Follow the Beerlass’s travels and insight’s on Twitter.

Now to finish this B3 related post off with non-B related thing’s….

I got a Unicorn for my Spruck.  What should I name it?
Remember this piece of advice friend’s.