Putting long miles on the spruck lately has got me thinking about automobiles.  I’ve never been a “car guy” but if I could choose anything at all to drive maybe I’d choose the Fend Flitzer shown above.  Or maybe I would choose this one for open air motoring.  
Sometimes when I’m driving this is what I’m day-dreaming although if a pretty girls driving I’m passenging.  Or maybe I should talk to my shrink and see if it means I think of myself as a women.  Oh Whatever… Just watch it.
While we are on the topic of bikes and cars, have you ever had a day on the bike that you felt like this guy?
The Euro’s have WAY better car commercials than us.  We never get fornicating rocks followed by bikini clad cyclists.  I’m not gonna talk to my shrink about this one.  Although maybe I should consult her about the rocks. 

Well now that I have completely played out the car commercial featuring bicycles theme for today. It is time to highlight something near and dear to my heart. Unicorns.  I found this one over at AHTBM.  Stevil gets the coolest links.  I cant embed it but click HERE and witness awesomeness. I guarantee it is seven seconds that will add seven seconds to your life. 
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Go forth grab Friday by the bars, wrestle it to the ground, and dive headfirst into the weekend.