Taken from the team car during Stage 1 of the 05 Tour de France.

Lets start off by giving a delayed “ATTA BOY” to Chris Horner. Chris won the overall at the Vuelta al PaĆ­s Vasco. and got to wear the big hat, the txapela.

Photo by Graham Watson via Velonews.

Chris is one of my favorite racers. This is in part because I have spent some time getting to know him, and in part because I appreciate his candor. I have heard people disparage Chris because they thinks he is a braggart, and I disagree. He is matter of fact, and to the point about his abilities. If a reporter ask’s him a question he answers it honestly.

I like that when asked how he can do on any given day he will tell you. To further elaborate I do not believe an arrogant man would turn himself inside out to secure victory for a teammate the way he would. His attacks on others behalf are the stuff we all strive for in our minds.

Not to mention Chris’s desire to help up and coming cyclists get up the hill.

Maybe Chris should have attacked this Champagne bottle on the podium a bit better. I Kid, I Kid. He still won beating Valverde in the process.

I would be remiss if I didnt give a Happy Birthday shout out to that Big Jersey Freerider.

Happy Birthday Jeff!