I have ridden many bikes in my life. Heck, I have many bikes in my quiver. They all have their purpose.

When it comes to mountain bikes I always come back to my Dually. I have a few hard-tails and I’ve ridden big wheels (29ers). They all ride well but when I get back on a nice dual suspension trail bike I feel at home. The bike just feels “point and shoot”. I float through the trails, glide over rocks, and sail through the air at will.

Lately I have been riding Wiss with BBB and watching him rediscover his love of two wheels. We rode Sunday and the trails were in OK condition. Many people had ridden the trails while they were mushy and the trails were rutted. Even though conditions were less than ideal, I just felt at home. The bike smoothed out the trail.

The Trance X is such a great riding bicycle. 5” of travel, slack geometry, and fully active travel makes Gary a happy boy.