After attending my 20th or more Interbike I came away pleased with the new venue.  I will leave my consumer day rant for another post and put up a collection of photo’s to sum up my experience.

It seems to be popular to signify you are flying by taking pictures of the airport carpet and your shoes.  I prefer taking pictures of my flying shirt.  

I believe this is what brought all of the purple anodizing back to the show floor.
I don’t moto but if I did.

Upon walking into the show I was handed these amazing socks by my friends at Sock Guy.

The “Republic of Awesome” on the cuff and “Freedom to Dream” on the foot.
The new Electra Amsterdam Bloom struck me as possibly the best looking bike in the booth.  And that is saying something.
I saw George Thorogood.  He can still rock.

State Bicycle had a Wutang bike.  It was a bit “Livestrongesque”.  I did dig the stem face plate though.
Saw Bobby Lea (the nicest guy in the peloton) signing autographs at the Cervelo booth.
Made the annual pilgrimage to In n Out burger AND….. Got stickers!

Went to Cross Vegas and watched Katerina and Sven put on clinics.

Adam Craig raced to an 8th place finish wearing an elite woman’s number.  While speaking to Adam after the race he saw one of the course designers.  His only input was that he requested longer, straighter run-in’s to the flyovers.  He wanted to jump them but didn’t want to…. “Burn 1,000 watts to do it”  Another reason that Adam is great.  He turns himself inside out place 8th in a stacked field and his only worry was he couldn’t get rad.

I avoided being this guy.
Went all the way to Vegas to get Swag for SSCXWC13.  If you don’t know then go here and find out.  It’s gonna be the place to be.

Saw this.

Wished the trim and not so fuzzy, Fuzzy a Happy 40th. 

Got to wish my friend Nelson and his boss Joanna from Strictly Bicycles congratulations again for being featured in an American Express commercial. Check it out HERE

Ran into this guy.  Together we had two functioning arms.

Had a pretty blonde girl fall asleep on my leg in a thumping nightclub.

Decided I needed this.

Shut down the booth.

Wished Vegas farewell with friends on top of the Mandalay Bay.

While flying home I looked down and saw dirt roads and trails everywhere.  It made me think that I should explore them.  You should come along and join me.
The End.