Riding in the golf cart lane. (see below)
As the Fatmarc said this time of year is a slow time for bloggage.  Probably because people are too busy living life and enjoying it.  
I fall into that category.  Christmas was different this year and different in a good way.  I got to spend my time with a bunch of great women, some unicorns and my bicycle.  How could a middle aged suburban guy want more?  I guess winning Mega Millions would have been the only other thing that would have completed the picture.
Since I am not feeling overly wordy I will let the pictures do the talking.  
It was a very Unicorn Christmas.  
There were unicorn ornaments

A painting on the wall in Harry Potter world

And of course a unicorn pillow pet.  (he stares at me)

Don’t forget the unicorns from Despicable Me
Spent the last week of the year on vacation in Florida visiting Ma and Pa in old folk’s ville.  
It started like this…
Got a fisheye lens for my phone for Christmas.

The P’s live in a golf cart community.  It is pretty trippy. You can live your entire life doing everything by golf cart.  You can go to the market, to Home Depot, the grocery, the bowling alley, and yes the doctor’s office as well.  
Lots of golf carts makes for lots of places to ride.  I had a good time passing people in golf carts.

If I get a golf cart I want it to look like an old car

Only problem is buying a cart that looks like an old car is expensive.  This used one was going for $13K.
It was a good time.  We even celebrated with a Flamingo tree.
Let’s have a good 2012 and ride LOT’S